Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A-Lister Rodney Santiago On September Cover of Instinct Magazine

I have a very dark terrible confession ....  I watch A-List New York, wait wait, don't roll those eyes just yet!  I absolutely love Rodney Santiago!  (hides face in shame)

His broken english and cute puppy dog eyes makes him so endearing and then when you add that smoking hawt body!  Oh my!, please excuse me but I need some alone time!

Ok, I am back and much better now.  Rodney is the cover boy for the September issue of Instinct Magazine and the inside interview sheds light on the real Rodney Santiago and gives a little more in-depth information as to where he came from.

I really believe that Rodney is the only genuine "queen" on the entire show.  The rest are either to involved in being catty, being a bitch, or being seen.  But since the first episode I have always felt that Rodney was unwillingly thrust into the spotlight with this show and didn't know what to expect and found himself dogpaddlin in a tank full of gucci drippin sharks.  I'm very happy to see that he is moving forward and working to make it.

When asked -- in an effort to break the ice that has somehow survived the sultry afternoon -- what's new in the second season of his reality show, Rodney wasted no time with a reply, "Last year, it was "I just want to be happy." I said this a lot, " he laughs.  "This year, It's Bitch, please."

Also more great news from his official website, he has a 2012 calendar coming out soon, which as I always say would be a delicious little stocking stuffer coming up this holiday season!  

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